Monday, August 22, 2011

Secret Moments : Island Escape

Secret Moments
by Victoria's Secret

Now available... Island Escape..

Island Escape™ Sheer Fragrance Mist
250ml - RM 60.00

Crystal blue water and sun on bare skin captured in a warm scent.

  • A breath of fresh ocean air mixed with beachy coconut and sugarcane.
  • Relive the moment with this fragrant body mist.
  • Infused with skin-nourishing botanicals, it's a tropical path to soft, touchable skin. Domestic. 8.4 oz.
Postage Charges Apply as usual.


Mamar Nordin said...

assalam misz....i nk tnye r..btol kew skunk nih victoria secret vanilla lace skunk da xdikeluarkan lagi??huhuhu...klu betol,leh x u suggestkan perfume mane yg btul2 wangi mcm bau vanilla lace...hehe..mekaseh..

Mamar Nordin said...

assalam misz..juz nk tnye..btol kew skunk nih i dgr cite yg victoria secret vanilla lace dh xdikeluarkan lg???

victoriasecretlover said...

Yup, Vanilla Lace dah discontinued. But I still few more bottles available. send your order to :)