Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beauty Rush - Body Double Mist


Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin. Spritz on and go pop with your favorite scent!

Price : RM 65.00 each
Size : 250ml

All sold

Limited Edition Purple Hazeberry
Wild Pear
Berry Cosmo

Scent Description:

Coconutty : A creamy blend of almond and coconut.
Very Cocoberry : A soft blend of berry, cherry and coconut.
Appletini : A cool, tart, sweetly intense treat. Pucker up!
Candy, Baby : Sugarcoat it with a sweet puff of cotton candy, yummy!
Juiced Berry : Drink in a blast of super-ripe berries.
Honey Do : A juicy, fresh honeydew and melon scent. Yummy!
Plumdrop : Juicy and sweet plum scent.

Postage Charges Applies As Usual!


Elyn Ikmal said...

dear, i want this one. how to order?

victoriasecretlover said...

hi elyn
please fill in the order form and email me at

C.Annley said...

I wanted Candy, Baby. And my question is, Are you trustworthy ? I'm scared about the ONLINE-ROBBERS... so (:

apple pie said...

which one most better ? this one or the other one ? thanks

victoriasecretlover said...

Hi C.Annley
This blog has been here for the past 3 years and I have no problem with any customer. You can see feedback from my blog and facebook page. Don't buy online if you can't trust the source.

Hi Apple Pie
Most beauty rush are very sweet candy like scent. if you like sweet stuff u gonna love them.

C.Annley said...

Okay (: Thank you !
Hmphhh, another question..
Can we liked COD at sonme other places ? :) It's kinda far from Wangsa Maju to Damansara :(

victoriasecretlover said...

Hi C.Annley
Sorry, I only COD at those places - Curve, Kota Damansara or Shah Alam.

C.Annley said...

Okay. Hmph, which type of post is safer ? :)

victoriasecretlover said...

I only use provides tracking number. Please email me or text me for more details ya. / 013 2908109 . Thanks

apple pie said...

Thanks :) and which is the most fav?

apple pie said...

thanks , and which one is the most fav buyer ?

victoriasecretlover said...

Hi apple pie
Most fav are juiced berry, Love addict, candy baby, appletinni, Merry magic :)

ainmohdnor said...

hye ade lagi x juiced berry n how it smell..