Saturday, March 20, 2010

Ready Stock for Beauty Rush Body Double Mist


Two layers of skin conditioners and fragrance mix things up for soft, scented skin. Spritz on and go pop with your favorite scent!

Price : RM 65.00 each
Size : 250ml

Ready Stock Available Now for :

Limited Edition Coconutty
Limited Edition Twinkleberry
Limited Edition Sugarpop
Cherry Bomb
Berry Smooch
Juiced Berry
Candy Baby

Honey Do
Coconut Craze

Scent Description:

Coconutty : A creamy blend of almond and coconut.
Very Cocoberry : A soft blend of berry, cherry and coconut.
Appletini : A cool, tart, sweetly intense treat. Pucker up!
Candy, Baby : Sugarcoat it with a sweet puff of cotton candy, yummy!
Grapefruit Blast : An invigorating, tart citrus kick. Get tart!
Juiced Berry : Drink in a blast of super-ripe berries.
Strawberry Fizz : A freshly fizzy, sweet sensation. Get fresh!
Honey Do : A juicy, fresh honeydew and melon scent. Yummy!

Postage Charges Applies As Usual!

All Sold!


eLLeHc!m said...

is this price still available??? please email me

victoriasecretlover said...

yup available. pls check your email, i've already send the order form to u.