Monday, September 14, 2009

I Love Secret Garden Contest Winners

The winner of the contest goes to...


"I'm actually a new user of Victoria's Secret. After the Secret Garden collection was introduced to me by my sister a few months back, I straight away fell in love with the heavenly smell of Vanilla Lace at my very first whiff. The feeling I felt reminded me of when I fell madly in love with my husband of 8 months…I knew right then that my search was over, I would never want to wear another perfume ever again! I bought myself just the body mist and I wasn’t surprised to get compliments right away. I just can’t get enough of its soothingly sweet and creamy smell of vanilla which lingers ALL day long…talk about resisting the urge to nibble at your pulse points!

My hubby, a merchant navy, has been away for almost 5 months now and will be back just in time for our first Raya together as husband and wife. I plan to surprise him with my new found fragrance which I just know he’ll find irresistible. For his upcoming 3 months holiday, I want to be a temptress by smelling of this sexy and utterly scrumptious scent every single day so that he’ll be hesitant to leave again for work, and will be reminded to come home soon to the seductive smell of his woman when he is away. Winning this prize will definitely be a booster to my plan and I’m sure he’ll insist I become a regular customer of Victoria’s Secret Heaven!"

Blog Entry

We actually pick 3 random blog for the mystery gift which are...

Congratulations to all winners! All gift will be mail out by 15th September 2009.

Thank you for your support!

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